Biomolecular Thematic Centre


The Biomolecular Thematic Centre (MoBiLab – Molecular Biodiversity Laboratory) integrates expertise and advanced infrastructure for molecular and bioinformatic analyses with the aim of providing the scientific community with services and support for the study of biodiversity data. Specifically, the Centre provides access to tools for analysing genomic, metagenomic, phylogenetic, phylogeographic and DNA barcoding data, and to databases specifically structured to allow integrated access to molecular information and associated metadata.


Long-term goals

The long-term objectives of MoBiLab include the establishment of consolidated services for the analysis of Molecular Biodiversity data and support for their production. These services will provide valuable tools for the assessment of phenomena concerning entire ecosystems or individual populations which will be useful for drawing up monitoring and management strategies. We plan to make the following services available:

1. Design and application of meta-barcoding and shotgun protocols based on high-throughput sequencing (HTS) technologies;
2. Tools for comparative analyses of metagenomes and metatranscriptomes associated with different environments and conditions;
3. Tools for molecular and bioinformatic analyses of free-living and symbiotic prokaryotic communities;
4. Tools for molecular and bioinformatic analyses of eukaryotic communities;
5. Tools for molecular and bioinformatic analyses of genomes and transcriptomes from prokaryotes and eukaryotes;
6. Access to specialised Molecular Biodiversity databases.

A bioinformatics infrastructure for storing and analysing molecular data, produced by LifeWatch and collected from public databases, is currently under construction on the basis of a specific case study of alien species in terrestrial and aquatic sites in Italy. In the near future, this resource will be made available for more general use.


Download the Thematic Centre leaflet for more info.