Call for study cases in LifeWatch Italy VREs & MoBiLab


Call for study cases in LW-ITA VREs & MoBiLab

LifeWatch Italy calls for proposals to develop study cases in/at:

1) the Phyto VRE and Alien Species VRE - LifeWatch Italy invites the interested researchers to submit projects proposals involving the re-use and/or the customization of resources produced by LW-ITA or by other initiatives (including infrastructures and projects), their integration with resources available to the project proponents, and the implementation of new e-services required to address the specific project questions - please download the full call

2) the distributed Laboratory of "Molecular Biodiversity" - LifeWatch Italy invites the interested researchers to submit projects proposals involving the production of molecular data through "Next Generation sequencing" technologies (e.g. sequencing of amplicons, genomes, metagenomes, transcriptomes and meta-transcriptomes) and their bioinformatic analysis - please download the full call.

Proposals shall be drafted using our application form and submitted via email (lifewatchitalia[at] by 21 December 2018.

Please visit the dedicated page.


1) Call for study cases proposals in Virtual Research Environments - download

2) Call for study cases proposals at the distributed Laboratory of "Molecular Biodiversity" - download

3) Application form - download



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