The Project

BIOforIU is an Italian PON project dedicated to the construction of the related infrastructure BIOforIU, an infrastructure designed to study living organisms and the mechanisms that underlie the functioning of biodiversity. 

It represents a model of cooperation whose interdisciplinary approach provides responses to the challenges arising from the growing complexity of the studied phenomena. BIOforIU is organised into 5 units: an experimental centre for biodiversity and ecosystem functioning research (Lecce), an advanced centre for the study of molecular biodiversity (Bari), an advanced centre for bioimaging and research into marine organ- isms (Naples) and the observatory for marine biodiver- sity (Capo Granitola). BIOforIU forms part of a network of European research bodies including ELIXIR, LifeWatch and EMBRC. 

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c/o University of Salento
Via Provinciale Lecce-Monteroni sn
73100 Lecce

+39 0832 29 86 00

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