Semantic Resources

Investigating biodiversity and ecosystems relies on the integration of data resources coming from different sources, collected at heterogeneous temporal and spatial scales (.e. long term ecological series). Considering the growing volume of data, many projects and infrastructures started developing services for a better management of information, making it accessible and re usable ultimately creating new knowledge. In parallel, standards, services and models of governance have been created to facilitate data and system interoperability. LifeWatch Italy decided for a strategic approach based on the use of semantic resources, such as controlled vocabularies and ontologies, to support interoperability among different data infrastructures. LifeWatch Italy aims at gathering experiences, models and case studies on the use of semantic resources for biodiversity and ecosystem research.

In this session, LifeWatch Italy calls for contributions on:

  • Implementation and use of controlled vocabularies.
  • Development and design specific domain ontologies.
  • Interoperability of data on ecosystems and biodiversity.