Data, Metadata & ICT Services

Dealing with huge quantities of date, the so called Big Data, along structural organised models, is a key prerequisite when tackling ecological scientific issues and is one of the main fields of action for LifeWatch. It is increasingly demanded to host data resources in public accessible archives ensuring transparency, reproducibility and sustainability of scientific research and its results. It is of vital importance that in this process, data are described in a rigorous manner, standardised by metadata, essential to deeply understand data and make them accessible, interpretable and reusable over time. Virtual Research Environments and Web Services are opening new opportunities for researchers, making innovative collaborative environments available to researchers, allowing the use of computation and stocking distributes resources. In this session, LifeWatch Italy aims at gathering experiences, models and case studies on the use of data and metadata, web services and Virtual Research Environments applied to study of biodiversity and ecosystems.

In this session, LifeWatch Italy calls for contributions on:

  • Potential of ICT platforms in ensuring availability of data at the long term, and combining the efforts to collect, share and manage data resources.
  • Development and use of web services for management and analysis of Big Data.
  • Potential of Virtual Research Environments in producing new knowledge.