Citizen Science, Communication of Science & Education

Citizen Science foresees active voluntary participation, with different level of engagement, of a non-specialised public in scientific activities, creating a mutual exchange among scientists and citizens through involvement experiences. ICT tools and resources to collect and analyse citizens' observations, as well as the possibility to access training programmes, are key elements to support such initiatives. LifeWatch Italy is particularly interested in Citizen Science, and in developing and making available web services, applications and ICT platforms to facilitate, from a technological point of view, citizens' involvement in this interaction, from data collection, crowdsourcing, to result analysis. Moreover, LifeWatch Italy makes available learning environments and gaming resources, essential to provide students, particularly those in high school, the key competences to understand the context surrounding them.

In this session, LifeWatch Italy calls for contributions on:

  • Community involvement in monitoring activities, models of public participation to Citizen Science initiatives, best practices and issues connected to the use of data collected by citizens.
  • ICT Platforms, tools, applications and web services for Citizen Science, Communication of Science and Education.
  • Best practices and case studies applied to ecology focusing on eLearning and gaming (Serious Games).