Common Facilities

Common Facilities are part of LifeWatch-ERIC, and comprise the central operations and services required for the core performance of the infrastructure. The Common Facilities include different components, such as the central administration, the core technical engine, workflow and virtual lab builders, system integration of distributed components, the interaction with scientific and data (user and provider) communities, and the innovation lab. 

Spain hosts the Statutory Seat & the ICT e-Infrastructure Technical OfficeInstitutional relationships, including organisations acting as data providers and coordinating monitoring sites, ERIC Administrative, Legal and Financial Services, Coordination  of ICT e-Infrastructure, and distributed construction and operations. 


Italy hosts the Service Centre and acts as interface with individual biodiversity data generators and specialists on biodiversity research using the facility, coordinating the organisation and coordination of LifeWatch Services for the biodiversity community.


The Netherlands hosts the Virtual Laboratories and Innovations Centre coordinating and managing the requirement and need analysis, design and implementation of the scientific case studies, and productions of the LifeWatch Virtual Laboratories.