Statutory Seat


The Statutory Seat of LifeWatch ERIC will be located in Seville, Region of Andalusia, Kingdom of Spain.

It is in charge of:

  • Institutional relationships, including organizations acting as data providers and coordinating monitoring sites, 
  • ERIC Administrative,
  • Legal and Financial Services,
  • Coordination of ICT e-Infrastructure, and distributed construction and operations.

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In addition to previous developments, some Regional Governments in Spain (more specifically, Junta de Andalusia-Regional Government of Andalusia and Extremadura Region Government-GOBEX) have expressed their interest in participating actively in the construction of the LifeWatch distributed e-Infrastructure during the 2015-2019 period, by means of the mobilization of Regional Structural Funds.

That is the case of Andalusia Region which will host the LifeWatch Statutory Seat, and some of its strategic ICT components, as already envisaged by its Regional Research and Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialization (RIS3) official document, where LifeWatch ESFRI appears as one priority initiative in some of their sections, jointly with IBERGRID (National Grid Initiatives from Spain and Portugal), among others.

This will allow to apply well-known co-funding mechanisms such as TRANSREGIONAL and INTERREG formula, initially among/with Italian (Regione Puglia), Portuguese (CCDR-Porto Norte) and Spanish (Andalusia and Extremadura) regions for the collaborative construction of some common and "distributed" (thematic) e-Infrastructures to be further considered as possible "in kind" contributions of the LifeWatch Research Infrastructure, based on its construction "Cost Book" and future decisions of the General Assembly to this regard.

Moreover, there exists an emerging interest from urban and municipal city authorities to also participate through the so-called "Smart City" initiatives: That is the specific case of Huelva and Málaga provinces (e.g., Diputación de Huelva).

This LifeWatch "branding" decision is a strategic bet from these regional authorities in order to improve the competitiveness of their productive tissues, and it is expected to produce an increasing of Research and Innovation indicators, by making a proper investment of their available structural funds.